Program for evacuating people to a safe area

Our charitable foundation is helping to evacuate all people to ensure their safety.

  • The troops of the invaders are moving inland, it is necessary to evacuate people from dangerous areas.
  • We take out our drivers and on our cars and buses.
  • We organize an evacuation column or a separate car.
  • We evacuate all people from the dangerous territory (including orphanages, the disabled, the elderly and hospitals).
  • Now dozens of brave people work in the “hot” evacuation: drivers, navigators, operators.

“COLD” EVACUATION. Many residents of our country did not know where to go next, while in Europe they were preparing places for immigrants. So, we started evacuating people from dangerous areas directly to the west of Ukraine and to Europe. We are looking for host organizations, communities – and again we take people by bus in a western direction. Poland, Italy, Norway, Spain – where our settlers did not find refuge.

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