Evacuation from Mariupol

We waited for a pass for 3 days, and finally, they let us go towards Zaporozhye. Before reaching the territory of free Ukraine, we had to pass dozens of Russian checkpoints. It was difficult, but our volunteers did it. Authorities estimate that about 540,000 people lived in Mariupol before the war.


Evacuation from Severodonetsk

📝 As part of the “Evacuation of people from hot spots” project, our team “Rankova Zorya” evacuated 17 people, three of which are children.

The evacuation was carried out by bus, everyone is safe.

“After such events, you always say to yourself: “We did it!” For a long period, the evacuation from Severodonetsk was extremely dangerous. And finally it was possible!


A third of the houses in Severodonetsk in the Luhansk region are not suitable for living.

🤝 Thanks to our partners and philanthropists who actively participate in our projects and provide assistance!